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Advanced Sweater Stretching

It’s time to go sweater shopping with the Association of Tight Sweater Manufacturers’ poster girl, Jenna Valentine. Miss Valentine tries on a variety of sexy sweaters, then puts on her birthday suit and gets on our glass table for a closer, loving look at her wonderfully curvy assets and 36HH-cup boobs? Jenna has gotten bustier since her previous shoots with SCORE in Mexico. “My boobs have gotten bigger, which is strange because I lost a lot of weight and I feel like they shouldn’t get bigger because I’ve been doing this Pilates/ballet bar class every day,” says Jenna. “I don’t know why my boobs got bigger. I don’t want them to grow any more. This is good enough. When I started with Voluptuous, I was a 36F. Then I was a 36H.” We don’t know why either but we never question our good fortune. Let’s talk about sex. What about sex on the first date? “I like having a connection with somebody. Otherwise, I think sex is boring. Even all of the first-date sex I’ve had, the guys have turned out to be boyfriends. It’s like a weird instant connection we had. I think first-time sex, no matter what date it is, is really awkward because you don’t know the person and you have to learn each other’s bodies. I’ve never had first-time sex where it was the best sex ever. It’s always awkward the first time getting naked in front of somebody and having sex with them.”