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Anastasia’s deluxe juggy workout – Hotmovs

Anastasia’s deluxe juggy workout

Anastasia Lux is a big girl with big jugs. “Bigger is better,” this British hottie said, and I couldn’t agree more. “I enjoy being naturally curvaceous with a nice silhouette that emphasizes my femininity.” Here, we get to watch Anastasia as she visits her gym for an oily workout with weights, a hula hoop and a real fancy gizmo not usually used in gyms. That would be her fuck toy, of course. “Somements made by fans online on websites and social media…I find it hilarious how they worship me as if I’m a sexual goddess when I’m actually a very simple, normal girl,” Anastasia said. If you ask me, there’s nothing simple about Anastasia, and those tits are not the kind you see on the average girl. It’s also true that the average girl doesn’t have three-ways with two guys on-camera for all the world to see, and Anastasia’s done that, too. “I love to feel a hard cock between my tits,” she said. “I can actually do a blow job like that as well. Get the dick right here in the middle and suck it. I like to have cum all over my huge boobs, on my face and in my mouth. And, I have to say that I like watching it when the spunkes out, so if it’s right here between my boobs, I can see it, and it’s amazing, a beautiful thing.” Show Anastasia that beautiful thing.