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Blondie Bombshell’s Bikini Sex – Hotmovs

Blondie Bombshell’s Bikini Sex

German sex star and bikini babe Blondie Bombshell is splish-splashing in the pool when she spots Milan. He’s out for some sun and pool too. Blondie greets him with a boob-hug. She asks Milan what he wants to do with the bottle of oil in his hand. No doubt to rub that oil all over Blondie’s body, with special care taken to coat her tits and ass. Blondie peels off her tiny bikini, ready to get greased. Milan rubs Blondie and her tits the right way. When Milan gets to Blondie’s butt cheeks, he buries his face in her ass crack. Obviously he’s hiding from someone or he just likes sticking his nose in Blondie’s business. Blondie feels his package and pulls down his trunks to see what’s up. What’s up is Milan’s pipe, which Blondie wants to smoke, judging by her smile as she examines it. She begins drooling as soon as she puts it in her mouth. Blondie wants to get out of the hot sun and go indoors. They find a sofa by the window. The first thing Blondie wants to do is resume her cock sucking. She hovers over his lap and hoovers his dick, then lies back, tits-up, so he can bang her boobs. Wetting Blondie’s hole with a tongue-lashing, Milan spreads her legs wide and drives in deep, pumping her smooth pussy. Occasionally glancing at the camera, Blondie makes sexy pleasure sounds, moans, murmurs and tells him how much she likes what he’s doing to her. The way they’re fucking, she’ll soon be ready for a squirt of cum in her open, waiting mouth.